Moulton Barn

Moulton / Mormon Row Barns

Located on Antelope Flats Road, two barns owned by the homesteading Moulton family, still stand today. The barns have become one of the iconic images of Jackson Hole with the Tetons rising up in the background. Sunrise is a perfect time to capture the barns aglow.

When photographing the northern most barn, near the peach colored home, step back away from the barn, and cross the irrigation ditch. As you move further away the barn grows smaller and the mountains appear larger. Be careful, a huge free roaming bison heard call this area home and can be found throughout the year along Antelope Flats Road.

Years of neglect has taken a toll on the corrals surrounding the barns, and the barns themselves. GTNP has done little to preserve the area and soon much of the area will become one big pile of wood.

Photo by Jonathan Adams

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